Club Listing

Northeast Zone

Trail passes can also be purchased at Ecko Marine (Alberta Beach), Mama's In the Kitchen (Alberta Beach), Darwell Trading Post (Darwell), and FXR (Edmonton).
Trail Passes & Memberships available at: Club Meetings, at Josephburg Hall E & S Motorcycles, Fort Saskatchewan Gibbons Motor Toys, Gibbons

Mighty Peace

Passport stamp at Thomas Homes and RV Centre in Peace River.
you can purchase a membership in person from either the Northern Yamaha Dealership or True North Ford
You can get your passport (which is already stamped for the Wembley Club) with the purchase of your annual ASA membership. Our stamp is located at the Wembley Husky.

Central Zone

Northwest Zone

Iron Horse Zone

Passport stamp loactions: one Stamp at Xtreme Power Products; Polaris Dealer; 5202-40 Street; St. Paul, Alberta and one at Smyl RV Centre; 5115-44 Street; St. Paul St. Paul Trailblazer’s Club ASA Membership’s available at all Snowmobile Dealer’s in St. Paul