January 2020 Newsletter

Many of you may have already received the news that SnoRiders Magazine is no longer printing and mailing out their magazines. The ASA had a section in the magazine to publish and share timely news, information and messages from the Board of Directors and staff of the association. We will now be doing that with an in season monthly newsletter, to keep you up to date on snowmobiling in Alberta.
All future issues of The Alberta Snowmobiler will be sent to our members by e-mail and found on the website under the News section. SnoRiders is still available to view online. The link to view it is below:

Many of you have already purchased your 2019-2020 ASA Membership. Thank you so much for your support. To get your membership and trail pass you can contact your local club or purchase online through our website. Here's a link to purchase online: https://www.albertasnowmobile.ca/get-involved/asa/join-asa
The Government of Alberta is working towards a provincial trail pass, which is something we have wanted for many years, but the direction it is starting out towards is a little troubling. The proposal today is for a $30 mandatory pass for motorized users, where the funds all go to the province and into a central fund, accessible to all trail users. ASA Executive Director has had several meetings with the Minister and department staff and we are working towards a more equitable proposal that will not see the end of our existing programs.

SAFE RIDERS – our free to school programs is coming to end, as Instructor Lori Zacaruk and her team deliver presentations to Alberta schools at the end of January. With the complete withdrawal of expected provincial funds, we can no longer afford to offer this vital program to Alberta students. Over the coming months the staff at the ASA are working towards building an online program, to offer the same curriculum, again free to Alberta Schools, by the end of this summer.

Pictured above: Safe Riders program at Arrowwood School.

Caribou Task Force – ASA Executive Director Chris Brookes was invited by Minister Nixon to participate on the provincial Caribou recovery Task force in November, and will work on this sub-regional task force through until October. The Federal government, through the Species at Risk Act (SARA) have asked the province to develop a solution to declining herds in Alberta and the ASA is pleased to help find a viable solution, that includes a ‘working forest’ that Albertans can still interact with.

ASA Provincial Jamboree! – January 18, hosted by the Alberta Beach Snowmobile Club.
For more information and to register visit their website at https://absnowmobileclub.com/
Upcoming Events can be found on our website here. There’s good snow – get out there!
ASA Clubs and Conditions
For the best and most up to date trail and riding information contact the clubs directly, contact details can be found at: https://albertasnowmobile.ca/discover/trailsclubs/club-listing
ASA Zone Map link:
We have some exciting new partnerships to announce.
We wish to welcome our newest partners – Insurance Angels!

Snowmobiling is an amazing sport and hobby for lots of Albertans. It also can be risky and expensive at times. That’s why Insurance Angels has teamed up with the ASA to encourage safe riding and build your outdoor emergency kit.
We want to make sure you can keep going out again and again by putting money in your pocket when the unexpected happens. In the insurance world, similarly to racing, skydiving and scuba diving, snowmobiling is classified as a high risk activity and in most insurance plans it is excluded and you won’t get paid!
Insurance Angels specializes making sure that high risk individuals and families get paid for their life and living benefits.
Got a stich or stiches? $1000 to you. Broke or fractured a bone? Here is another $1000.
Missed a couple weeks of work? How does $4200 sound? Spent 3 days in the hospital? Sorry that happened, here is $3,900. Heaven forbid you spent a month in the hospital? Here is $12,000 minimum.
• All money sent as a cheque to use as you wish tax free
• All the pay outs are on top of any other coverage you may have already
• On or off the hill 24/7/365
• Good for Canada AND the U.S.
• With a family plan, the first child is roughly 45% off and all other children are FREE
• Premiums don’t go up ever due to claims get in touch with them for a free quote!
http://insuranceangels.ca/ 780-370-0123

If you are riding or passing through the David Thompson, Rocky Mountain House or Nordegg areas, check in and stay the night with our new corporate partners at https://expansecottages.com/

National Powersports Financing
Trouble getting a loan at the bank for your sled or other power toys? Contact our new partners for a free quote at: http://www.npfinancing.com/

To become an ASA sponsor follow this link: