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Why do you want to be an ASA Ambassador?
I want to give the club I belong to the exposure it deserves - the CrowSnow riders. The club is an integral part of snowmobiling in Southern Alberta and I feel that being a representative for the Alberta Snowmobile Association will allow me to help showcase the great work the club does in the area, as the ASA encompasses all Alberta clubs and should provide equal support and exposure.

What do you ride?
2019 Arctic Cat Alpha

What is something we should know about you?
I have a passion for backcountry safety and have hosted 3 workshops here in Lethbridge in conjunction with Avalanche Canada with presenters from Av Can and the Elk Valley Snow Shepard’s as a refresher on Avalanche Safety. The workshops had attendance of around 100 people each time, and included everyone from snowmobilers to skiers and snowboarders.