Jenny Hashimoto- Wiebe

Hi my name is Jenny, I was born and raised in the West Kootneys in BC &
spent my adult life in the Okanagan. I have relocated to Chestermere AB in
the last couple of years. I still have a home in Sicamous BC so I am back
and forth all year round enjoying all seasons. I am a mother to two
daughters and a wife to an amazing husband.

I am passionate about the outdoors. Growing up in the mountains my free time
was spent kayaking/canoeing, hiking, swimming, boating, & spending time at
the natural Hot Springs.

I am a great candidate to be an ambassador for ASA because I am extremely
passionate about snowmobiling, the back country, awareness, community
involvement, supporting, encouraging & motivating others who share the same passion. I would be honoured to
represent & help grow our snowmobile community ❤️