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Trails and Grooming Coordinator September 2023

This will be either a personal contract position, or corporate contract, that will work directly with and report to, the ASA Executive Director while working closely with the ASA Clubs.

The ideal candidate will possess a working knowledge of snowmobile trail grooming equipment, Alberta recreational trails and legislated trail standards, Alberta land use dispositions, recreational trail brushing, maintenance and snowmobile trail grooming standards in season.

Familiarity with Government of Alberta grants and reporting will be considered an asset.

The ideal candidate will also possess a working knowledge of trail mapping, GPS data gathering and online mapping programs.

Working with the ASA Clubs. They would ensure all activities related to grooming operations and trail upkeep are conducted in a timely and cost-effective manner producing reports to the Executive Director and ASA Board of Directors to reflect progress.

The incumbent will have to gain a through understanding of Alberta Government Contractor agreements, as it is implemented.

During the snow-grooming season the person will be the source of knowledge of everything related to grooming operations. This would include, but not limited to:

• Grooming Operations – This will involve working closely with all clubs to ensure grooming equipment is prepared and ready for the snow well in advance of grooming operations.

• Assist club grooming programs by helping them track hours and groomer operator hours by maintaining detailed logs on grooming hours expended, groomer operator hours, ordering fuel, monitoring fuel consumption, etc.

• Participate in the development of the CCSO partner Online Groomer Course, develop criteria and program parameters for Alberta.

• Before the end of the operating season ensure all clubs are surveyed to determine the required trail maintenance at the end of the operating season,

• Work closely with each Club to assist them in preparing and submitting their annual Alberta Snowmobile Fund (ASF) application.

• Work closely with each Club to ensure proper recording of expenses, volunteer hours, and groomer hours are recorded and prepared for year end reporting. This will also include the groomer mileage calculations.

• Work with clubs to ensure that all trails maps/Km’s are updated and available to the public through EVTrails/Map Gears online map on the ASA Website.

• Monitor, maintain and update the EVTrails/Map Gears online map on the ASA Website daily. This includes ensuring the green/yellow/red system is active and accurate, and that new services, sponsors and POI’s (Points of Interest) are up to date.

During the off-season the person will oversee everything related to trails development/remediation/repair.

Trails Operations – This will involve everything related to the maintenance and repair of Trails to ensure all trails are prepared and ready for the operating season. This would include but not limited to;

• Work with all agencies and partners of the ASA to ensure trails are registered and all legal requirements are met,

• Work with and enhance the existing ASA trail database to ensure its accuracy and that the current surveyed trails match the ASA database,

• Work with Clubs, Board and Staff to develop the Alberta Snowmobile Trail Master Plan, including but not limited to:

· The final trail system, including staging areas, POI’s, facilities, shelters, STARs sites, possible trail identification system, etc.

• Monitor all trails, focusing on Primary trails, to assess required repairs,

• Prepare maps and documents that verify our surveyed trails for court proceedings if required,

• Work closely with all ASA clubs to solicit, plan and execute trail development/remediation/repair plans, this would include the scheduling and operation of the ASA trails equipment,

• Assist Clubs with soliciting quotes for and oversee contracts for the development/remediation/repair of ASA trails,

• Coordinate and keep records on trail signage. This includes keeping inventory of ASA stock; individual club stock; and records of what was shipped to the clubs, what is needed, and preparing orders from sourced vendors.

Desired Qualifications:

• Post-secondary education in Business Administration; Parks and Recreation; Outdoor

Recreation, Environmental Science or a related field or equivalent experience;

• Strong understanding of administrative aspects of trail management, trail or grounds


• Excellent organizational and problem-solving skills.

• Meticulous attention-to-detail.

• Previous experience interacting with a not-for-profit Board of Directors.

• Strong understanding of the power-sport industry.

• Advanced knowledge of relevant legislation and regulatory processes.

• An understanding and appreciation of working in a not‐for-profit environment along with the

associated organizational governance and budgetary practices.

• Proficient in Microsoft Office programs, GPS data gathering programs and integration's.

• A history of working with volunteers and not-for-profit associations

• Proficient in dealing with and leading volunteer groups at the provincial and community level

• Ability to operate off-road equipment and vehicles, including snowmobiles and atv’s.



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